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We’re always eager to add new music to our repertoire. At present we’re particularly interested in niche market 70s R&B, Funk and Disco, 80s New Wave, and contemporary Dance/Electronica. We’re also keenly interested in working with master owners based overseas (we’re on Los Angeles) who would like to avail themselves of our in-person real-life relationships with local industry people.

All representation we do is NON-EXCLUSIVE and each license deal we may offer you is negotiable and subject to your approval.

If your music is accepted into our repertoire, we’ll do our utmost to get your music placed and earning money for you. Please note that while we have utmost respect for all artists, we are currently focused on tracks that have at least made an appearance on the Billboard charts somewhere.

To submit your music, please use the form on the contact page, tell us about your music, and we’ll get back with you shortly.

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