Complete List of Masters

(At Last) My Love Has Arrived Laura Lee
(Don’t Be Sorry) Be Careful If You Can’t Be Good Laura Lee
(I’ve Been A Winner, I’ve Been A Loser) I’ve Been In Love Smith Connection
(If You Can Beat Me Rockin’ (You Can Have My Chair) Laura Lee
(If You Want To Try Love Again) Remember Me Laura Lee
(You Got Me) Danglin’ On A String Chairmen Of The Board
1200 Miles From Heaven Flaming Ember
1200 Miles From Heaven Medusa
90 Freeze (On Her Love) 100 Proof
A Gift Of Me Ruth Copeland
A Little More Honey Cone
A Song For You McKinley Jackson & The Politicians
A Woman’s Prayer Honey Cone
A House Is Not A Home Glass House
About You Coming Of Age
Above & Beyond Honey Cone
Ace In The Hole Honey Cone
After The Love BFD
Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number 100 Proof
Ain’t It Good Feeling Good Eloise Laws
Ain’t That Lovin’ You (For More Reasons Than One) 100 Proof
All Is Fair In Love And War Freda Payne
All My Love To You Q & A
All She Wants 100 Proof
All The King’s Horses Honey Cone
All The Way Coming Of Age
All We Need Is Understanding General Johnson
Angel Girl Smith Connection
Another Lover Cassandra
Another Place Another Time Bryan Carter
Another World Ronnie Laws
Anythang 8th Day
Aquarius Flaming Ember
Aquarius Honey Cone
Are You Man Enough, Are You Strong Enough Honey Cone
Are You Ready Q & A
Arrivederci (I’m Out Of Here) Cassandra
Baby Don’t Leave Me Holland Dozier
Baby’ Got A Feelin’ Q & A
Back-N-The-Hood Coming Of Age
Backtrack 100 Proof
Bad Bill Of Goods Glass House
Band Of Gold Freda Payne
Bar B-Q Ribs (instrumental) Raynel Wynglas
Be Mine (Live Your Life Away) Ronnie Laws
Be With Me BFD
Beat Well Done Mavis Staples
Beat Well Done (Gospel) Mavis Staples
Been’ Thinkin’ Bout You Q & A
Befor & After Glass House
Better Days Ronnie Laws
Big Shot Honey Cone
Bingo Brotherly Love
Bittersweet Chairmen Of The Board
Bless You Chairmen Of The Board
Blessed Be Our Love Honey Cone
Bloodshot Eyes Lucifer
Bongeea Bryan Carter
Born On The Wild (Parts 1 & 2) Barrino Brothers
Bravo, Hooray Chairmen Of The Board
Breakdown Chairmen Of The Board
Breakdown Parliament
Bridge Over Troubled Water Chairmen Of The Board
Bright City Lights Satisfaction Unlimited
Bring The Boys Home Freda Payne
Bump Your Lady (Parts 1 & 2) Natural High
Call Me Up 8th Day
Camouflage Eloise Laws
Can’t Get Enough Holland Dozier
Can’t Get Enough Of You Tyrone Edwards
Can’t Hide Love Bryan Carter
Chairmen Of The Board Chairmen Of The Board
Cheba 8th Day
Cherish What Is Dear To You Freda Payne
Children Of The Day Harrison Kennedy
Church The Politicians
Closet Queen Harrison Kennedy
Colors Of My Love Silent Majority
Close Your Big Mouth McKinley Jackson & The Politicians
Come and Help Your Brother Brian Holland
Come Back Freda Payne
Come Back Jones Girls
Come In Out Of The Rain Parliament
Come On Back Satisfaction Unlimited
Come On In And Dance Chairmen Of The Board
Come Together Harrison Kennedy
Coming Down With Love Heavy Traffic Starring “V”
Crazy Q & A
Cruise Control Lipstick
Crumbs Off The Table Glass House
Crumbs Off The Table Laura Lee
Crying Has Made Me Stronger Ruth Copeland
Danny Boy Danny Woods
Dance The Night Away Heavy Traffic Starring “V”
Deaf, Blind, Paralyzed (or Take My Love) Honey Cone
Deep In It 8th Day
Deep In It Heavy Traffic Starring “V”
Deeper And Deeper Freda Payne
Deserted Village Flaming Ember
Diary Of A Lonely Woman Honey Cone
Didn’t We Chairmen Of The Board
Didn’t You Take Me From A World Outside Holland-Dozier-Holland
Ding Need Dong (To Ding A Ling A Ding Dong) Flaming Ember
DLT (Do Little Time) Ronnie Laws
Do You Believe Ronnie Laws
Don’t Be Sorry (Be Careful If You Can’t Be Good) Laura Lee
Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You Satisfaction Unlimited
Don’t Count Your Chickens Honey Cone
Don’t Go Looking For Something You Don’t Want To See Glass House
Don’t Leave Me Lamont Dozier
Don’t Leave Me Starving For Your Love Holland Dozier
Don’t Leave Me Starving For Your Love Laura Lee
Don’t Let It Rain On Me Glass House
Don’t Lose What You Got Trying To Get Back What You Had Jr. Walker
Don’t Scratch Where It Don’t Itch 100 Proof
Don’t Send Me An Invitation Honey Cone
Don’t Stop Playing Our Song Lamont Dozier
Don’t Tease Me BFD
Don’t Walk Away General Johnson
Don’t You Lucifer
Don’t You Wake Me 100 Proof
Don’t You Wake Me Barrino Brothers
Don’t You Wanna Wanna Flaming Ember
Don’t You Wish You Had (What You Had When You Had It) Ruth Copeland
Dream A Little Ronnie Laws
Driveway 100 Proof
Eeny Meeny Miny Mo 8th Day
Elmo James Chairmen Of The Board
Ember Blues Flaming Ember
Empty Crowded Room Flaming Ember
Empty Bed Blues Laura Lee
Enough Of You Love Lamont Dozier
Everlasting Ronnie Laws
Every Couple’s Not A Pair Chairmen Of The Board
Every Little Bit Hurts Laura Lee
Everybody Party All Night Chairmen Of The Board
Everybody’s Tippin’ Chairmen Of The Board
Everybody’s Got A Song To Sing Chairmen Of The Board
Everything Good Is Bad 100 Proof (Aged In Soul)
Everything’s Tuesday Chairmen of the Board
Faith Is The Answer 8th Day
Fallin’ In Love Coming Of Age
Falling In Love Mavis Staples
Fantasy Is Reality Parliament
Fe Fi Fo Fum Q & A
Feelin’ Alright Chairmen of the Board
Finders Keepers Chairmen of the Board
First Impression BFD
Flashbacks And Reruns Flaming Ember
For Kids Only Lucifer
For No Reason Freda Payne
For The Love Of You Bryan Carter
Forever (For The Rest Of My Life) Coming Of Age
Free Your Mind McKinley Jackson & The Politicians
Frightened Girl Silent Majority
Funky Toes McKinley Jackson & The Politicians
Funky Woman Parliament
Funny How Time Slips Away Danny Woods
Get Your Mind Straight 8th Day
Ghetto Girl 100 Proof
Gimme A Glass Of Water Harrison Kennedy
Gimme Shelter Ruth Copeland
Girl’s It Ain’t Easy Honey Cone
Give Me Just a Little More Time Chairmen of the Board
Giving Up The Ring Glass House
God’s Gift To Man General Johnson
Going In Circles Flaming Ember
Gotta Get Away Flaming Ember
Guess I’m Gonna Cry New York Port Authority
Guess Who I Saw Today Laura Lee
Hanging On to a Memory Chairmen of the Board
Happy Heart Freda Payne
Hare Krishna Ruth Copeland
Have You Heard Lucifer
He’s In My Life Freda Payne
Heart On Loving You Flaming Ember
Heaven Is There To Guide Us 8th Day
Her Picture Matches Mine Laura Lee
Here We Go Again BFD
Hey There, Lonely Girl Glass House
Hijackin’ Holland-Dozier-Holland
Holding On To Your Love Mavis Staples
Holding On To Your Love (Club Mavis) Mavis Staples
Holding On To Your Love (Mavis In The House) Mavis Staples
Horse And Rider Glass House
Hotel Glass House
How Can I Live Without My Love Freda Payne
How Does It Feel Honey Cone
Hypnotic Music Harrison Kennedy
I Believe In You
Eloise Laws
I Call My Baby Pussycat Parliament
I Can’t Be You (You Can’t Be Me) Glass House
I Can’t Believe You’re Gone Barrino Brothers
I Can’t Find Myself Chairmen Of The Board
I Can’t Fool Myself 8th Day
I Can’t Hold On Much Longer Laura Lee
I Can’t Hold On Much Longer Smith Connection
I Can’t Make It Alone Laura Lee
I Can’t Sit And Wait (Till Johnny Comes Marching Home) Chairmen Of The Board
I Don’t Care If I Never Get Over You 100 Proof
I Don’t See Me In Your Eyes Anymore Glass House
I Don’t See Me In Your Eyes Anymore Brotherly Love
I Don’t See Me In Your Eyes Anymore Ty Hunter
I Don’t Want Nothing Old (But Money) Laura Lee
I Don’t Want To Work Today NYPA
I Got A Thing For You Daddy Ruth Copeland
I Gotta Get Home 8th Day
I Had It All Barrino Brothers
I Just Want To Be Loved Lee Charles
I Know It’s Love Satisfaction Unlimited
I Left Some Of My Dreams Back There Freda Payne
I Lost My Rainbow Honey Cone
I Miss You So Much Cassandra
I Need It Just As Bad As You Laura Lee
I Need You Right Now Jr. Walker
I Never Get Tired Of You General Johnson
I Shall Not Be Moved Barrino Brothers
I Shall Not Be Moved Freda Payne
I Surrendered Glass House
I Think You Need Love Dionne Warwick
I Used To Hate It (Till I Ate It) NYPA
I Wish You Were Ronnie Laws
I’d Rather Fight Than Switch 100 Proof (Aged In Soul)
I’ll Always Love You Mavis Staples
I’ll Be Leavin Ronnie Laws
I’ll Catch You When You Fall Laura Lee
I’ll Come Crawling Chairmen Of The Board
I’m A Sign Of Changing Times Chairmen Of The Board
I’m Bugging Your Phone (Parts 1 & 2 ) Smith Connection
I’m Gonna Hijack Ya, Kidnap Ya, Take What I Want Holland Dozier
I’m Good 4 U BFD
I’m In Love Darling General Johnson
I’m Mad As Hell (Ain’t Gonna Take It No More) Part 1 100 Proof
I’m Mad As Hell (Ain’t Gonna Take It No More) Part 2 NYPA
I’m Not Getting Any Better Freda Payne
I’m Not My Brothers Keeper Flaming Ember
I’m On My Way To A Better Place Chairmen Of The Board
I’m So Glad (Parts 1 & 2) Brian Holland
I’m Worried Melvin Davis
I’ve Been In Love Smith Connection
I’ve Been Loving Too Long (To Stop Now) Danny Woods
I’ve Come To Save You 100 Proof
I’ve Come To Stay Smith Connection
I’ve Got Female Trouble BFD
If I Can’t Fly Honey Cone
If I Could See The Light 100 Proof
If I Could See The Light (Parts 1 & 2) 8th Day
If I’m Good Enough To Love (I’m Good Enough To Marry) Laura Lee
If It Ain’t Love Glass House
If It’s Good To You (It’s Good For You) Flaming Ember
If You Ain’t Busy Ronnie Laws
If You Can Beat Me Rockin’ (You Can Have My Chair) Laura Lee
If You Don’t Want To Be In My Life Lamont Dozier
If You Go Away Freda Payne
If You Treat Love Bad, Love Will Hurt You BFD
If You’re Gonna Mess With Me Heavy Traffic Starring “V”
In A Garden Lucifer
Innocent Till Proven Guilty Honey Cone
Intelude (Take Me To The River) Mavis Staples
Intensive Care BFD
Intimacy Bryan Carter
Intro-Q & Awefunk Q & A
It Ain’t The World Glass House
It Ain’t The World Scherrie Payne
It Ain’t What You Think Bryan Carter
It Didn’t Take Long Danny Woods
It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way Barrino Brothers
It Happens Every Springs Bryan Carter
It Only Happened Mavis Staples
It Was Almost Something General Johnson
It’s A Tight Fit (Parts 1 & 2) Lipstick
It’s Better To Have Loved And Lost Honey Cone
It’s How We Roll Coming Of Age
It’s Not What You Fall For Laura Lee
It’s Instrumental To Be Free 8th Day
Jealousy Heavy Traffic Starring “V”
Journey Ronnie Laws
Just A Woman Freda Payne
Just As Long Melvin Davis
Just When You Thought You Knew Me Bryan Carter
Keep Holding On The Temptations
Keep On Movin Ronnie Laws
Kilimanjaro Cassandra
King Of Kings Brenda Holloway
La-De-Dah 8th Day
Lady By Day Holland-Dozier-Holland
Laugh Lucifer
Let It Flow Glass House
Let Love Grow Brenda Holloway
Let Me Coming Of Age
Let Me Down Easy Chairmen Of The Board
Let Me Ride Danny Woods
Let’s Change The Subject Satisfaction Unlimited
Let’s Get Together Brian Holland
Let’s Go Crazy (Let’s Get Lost In Love) Heavy Traffic Starring “V”
Let’s Have Some Fun Chairmen Of The Board
Life And Death Chairmen Of The Board
Little Old Country Boy Parliament
Live With Me, Love With Me Chairmen Of The Board
Livin’ High Money Low Flaming Ember
Livin’ High Off The Goodness Of Your Love (Parts 1 & 2) Barrino Brothers
Livin’ The Life Parliament
Look What We’ve Done To Love Glass House
Loose Booty Parliament
Love (Keeps Us Together) Jr. Walker
Love & Liberty Laura Lee
Love At First Sight Chairmen Of The Board
Love Factory Eloise Laws
Love Goes Deeper Than That Eloise Laws
Love Gone Bad Mavis Staples
Love Is On Call BFD
Love Is Sweeter 100 Proof
Love Machine McKinley Jackson & The Politicians
Love On Borrowed Time Freda Payne
Love Should Be So Simple BFD
Loving You Coming Of Age
Loving You Is A Full Time Job Honey Cone
Make It Last Forever Eloise Laws
Mama Said Coming Of Age
Mama’s Gone Freda Payne
Mama’s Little Baby (Loves Lovin’) Brotherly Love
Man Of My Dreams Freda Payne
Mary Lou Thomas Chairmen Of The Board
Men Are Getting Scarce Chairmen of the Board
Mind, Body & Soul Flaming Ember
Mirror Of Your Soul Laura Lee
Mood For Love Freda Payne
Moonshine Heather (Takin’ Care Of Business) Parliament
Morning Glory (Instrumental) Chairmen Of The Board
Mother Misery’s Favorite Child Freda Payne
My Automobile Parliament
My Credit Didn’t Go Through Chairmen Of The Board
My Mind’s On Leaving (But My Heart Won’t Let Me Go) Honey Cone
My Piece Of The Rock [Instrumental] 100 Proof
My Piece Of The Rock [Vocal] 100 Proof
My Side Story Coming Of Age
My Way Chairmen Of The Board
My World Is Empty Without You Smith Connection
Nakia Bryan Carter
Never Get Tired Of You Chairmen Of The Board
Never My Love 100 Proof
New Breed Kind Of Woman Lamont Dozier
Night Comes, Day Goes Harrison Kennedy
No Commitment Ruth Copeland
Not Enough Love To Satisfy 100 Proof
Nothing But A Devil Johnn Billy West
Nothing Sweeter Than Love 100 Proof
Now Is The Time To Say Goodbye Freda Payne
O. O. O. Baby Honey Cone
Odds And Ends Freda Payne
Oh Lord, Why Lord/Prayer Parliament
Oh What A Feeling Cassandra
Old Days/Old Ways Ronnie Laws
Old Mother Nature Lucifer
Once Upon A Time Ronnie Laws
Once Upon A Time (For Real) Ronnie Laws
One Man’s Leftovers (Is Another Man’s Feast) 100 Proof
One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show Honey Cone
One Step Beyond Medusa
One Step Beyond Flaming Ember
Only Love Can Break A Heart Chairmen Of The Board
Only Time Will Tell (instrumental) General Johnson
Only Time Will Tell (vocal) General Johnson
Outta Sight Outta Time Bryan Carter
Overnight Success Cassandra
Patches Chairmen Of The Board
Pay The Piper Chairmen Of The Board
Play With Fire Ruth Copeland
Playing Games Glass House
Politicians Theme McKinley Jackson & The Politicians
Prelude Freda Payne
Prolouge: Child Of The North Ruth Copeland
Psyche-Soula Funkadelic The Politicians
Puff Puff (You’re Gone) 8th Day
Pump That Stuff Q & A
Put A Little Love Into It (When You Do It) Eloise Laws
Put Love In Your Life Parliament
Rain Barrino Brothers
Rainbow NYPA
Rainy Days and Mondays Freda Payne
Reaching Out Freda Payne
Red Hot Mama Parliament
Right Back Where I Started From Freda Payne
Rip Off Laura Lee
Robot In A Robot’s World Flaming Ember
Rock Me In The Cradle Freda Payne
Rocks In My Head 8th Day
Roller Coaster Danny Woods
Running Man Bryan Carter
S. O. S. (Help Me Boy) Heavy Traffic Starring “V”
Saginaw County
Chairmen Of The Board
Savannah Lady General Johnson
Say You’ll Stay Bryan Carter
See What You Started Mavis Staples
See What You Started (Club Mavis) Mavis Staples
Seeing You Through The Eyes Of A Birdman Satisfaction Unlimited
Shades Of Green Flaming Ember
She’s Not Just Another Woman 8th Day
Should’a Been Me Coming Of Age
Show Me Mavis Staples
Since I Fell For You Laura Lee
Since The Days Of Pigtails Chairmen Of The Board
Since You’ve Been Gone 100 Proof
Sittin’ On A Time Bomb Lee Charles
Sittin’ On A Time Bomb (Waiting For The Hurt To Come) Honey Cone
Sixteen Soldiers Bryan Carter
Skin I’m In Chairmen Of The Board
Slap That Ass Q & A
Sliced Tomatoes Just Brothers
Slipping Away Lamont Dozier
So Glad You’re Mine Chairmen Of The Board
Solo Billie Sands
Somebody Is Always Messing Up A Good Thing Honey Cone
Somebody’s Been Sleeping 100 Proof (Aged In Soul)
Somebody’s Gonna Hurt You, Like You Hurt Me Lee Charles
Someone Just Like You Chairmen Of The Board
Something New About You Silent Majority
Son Of A Preacher Man Honey Cone
Soul Eyes Ronnie Laws
Sparkle Coming Of Age
Speak On It McKinley Jackson & The Politicians
Spinning Wheel Flaming Ember
Stay In My Corner Honey Cone
Stay With Me Eloise Laws
Stealing Moments From Another Moments Life Glass House
Stick Up Honey Cone
Still Sexy Q & A
Stop The World And Let Me Off Flaming Ember
Suburban Family Lament Ruth Copeland
Suddenly It’s Yesterday Freda Payne
Sunday Morning People Harrison Kennedy
Sunday Morning People Honey Cone
Sunshine Flaming Ember
Sunshine Freda Payne
Super Woman Brian Holland
Sweet Sister Ronnie Laws
Tailor Made Love Laura Lee
Take Me With You Honey Cone
Take My Love Honey Cone
Taster Of The Honey (Not Keeper Of The Bee) Jones Girls
Tears Ago Just Brothers
Tell Me Will You Be My Baby Kitra
Thanks For The Birthday Card Ruth Copeland
Thanks, I Needed That Glass House
That’s How Strong My Love Is Laura Lee
That’s Love (Part 1 & 2) Hi-Lites
The Day I Found Myself Honey Cone
The Day You Leave Smith Connection
The Devil Made Me Do It 100 Proof
The Devil Made Me Do It Chairmen Of The Board
The Easiest Way To Fall Freda Payne
The Empty Crowded Room Flaming Ember
The Feeling’s Gone Honey Cone
The Fire Is Gone Heavy Traffic Starring “V”
The Fox Glass House
The Good Book 8th Day
The Judgment Day Warlock
The Man I’ll Never Have Glass House
The Man Of My Dreams Freda Payne
The Medal Ruth Copeland
The Music Box Ruth Copeland
The Picture Never Changes Holland-Dozier-Holland
The Road We Didn’t Take Freda Payne
The Silent Boatman Parliament
The Silent Boatman Ruth Copeland
The Truth Will Come Out Honey Cone
The Unhooked Generation Freda Payne
The World Don’t Owe You A Thing Freda Payne
The World We Live In McKinley Jackson & The Politicians
There Is Nothing Before Me But Thang Parliament
Things Are Bound To Get Better Later On Chairmen Of The Board
Things Will Be Better Tommorow Just Brothers
Think Of The Children Satisfaction Unlimited
This Girl Is A Woman Now Flaming Ember
This Is How The World Goes Round Q & A
Three In The Game Q & A
Through The Memory Of My Mind Freda Payne
Til There Was You Smith Connection
Tighten Him Up Eloise Laws
Time Gonna Change Everything Lucifer
To William In The Night Ruth Copeland
Too Hot (Come Back Home) Q & A
Too Many Cooks (Spoil The Soup) 100 Proof
Touch Me Eloise Laws
Touch Me, Jesus Glass House
Track The Trail Brotherly Love
Track The Trail Honey Cone
Trapped In A Love Barrino Brothers
Tricked And Trapped (By A Tricky Trapper) Chairmen Of The Board
Try It, You’ll Like It Barrino Brothers
Try On My Love For Size Chairmen/Danny Woods
Twelfth Of Never Chairmen Of The Board
Two Can Be As Lonely As One Danny Woods
Two Lovely Pillows Laura Lee
Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right Freda Payne
Un Bel Di (One Fine Day) Ruth Copeland
Under My Wings Smith Connection
Unfinished Instrumental Parliament
Unspoken Word Cassandra
Up On It Coming Of Age
Up The Organization Harrison Kennedy
V.I.P. Honey Cone
Vibe Of Love 4U
Want Ads Honey Cone
Wanting You (Parts 1 & 2) Earl English
Was That You I Heard Praying Brenda Holloway
We Belong Together Honey Cone
We’ve Come Too Far To Walk Away Laura Lee
We’ve Gotta Find A Way Back To Love Freda Payne
Weary Traveler Chairmen Of The Board
Wedlock Is A Padlock Laura Lee
Well Worth Waiting For Your Love Barrino Brothers
Westbound #9 Flaming Ember
What You Want With Him Ronnie Laws
Whatever You Want Bryan Carter
When A Man Loves A Woman Laura Lee
When Love Was A Child Barrino Brothers
When Will It End Honey Cone
When Will She Tell Me She Needs Me Chairmen Of The Board
Where Did We Go Wrong Eloise Laws
Where Did We Go Wrong Holland-Dozier-Holland
Where There’s Faith There’s Hope Brenda Holloway
Where There’s Faith There’s Hope Chairmen Of The Board
Where’s All The Joy Flaming Ember
While You’re Out Looking For Sugar Honey Cone
White Rose (Freedom Flower) Chairmen Of The Board
Who Got The Rock Robert Bateman (Rock Daddy)
Who Put The “X” In Sex Brim Rock (With Angelo Bond)
Who’s It Gonna Be Honey Cone
Who’s Loving You Honey Cone
Why Satisfaction Unlimited
Why Can’t We Be Lovers Lamont Dozier
Why Don’t You Stay Flaming Ember
Wish I Had You Smith Connection
Woman Can’t Live By Bread Alone Honey Cone
Women’s Love Rights Laura Lee
Wonderland Ronnie Laws
Words 100 Proof
Workin’ And Lovin’ Together Laura Lee
Working On A Building Of Love Chairmen Of The Board
Working On A Building Of Love Danny Woods
Yeah, I’m A Devil Johnn Billy West
You Ain’t Livin Unless You’re Lovin Glass House
You Ain’t Livin Unless You’re Lovin Smith Connection
You Are The Greatest Honey Cone
You Brought The Joy Freda Payne
You Can Make A Change Bryan Carter
You Can’t Hurt Me No More Heavy Traffic Starring “V”
You Got Me Loving You Again Eloise Laws
You Gotta Go Lucifer
You Hurt Your Mother Again Harrison Kennedy
You Keep Me Hanging On Cassandra
You Knew Ronnie Laws
You Made Me An Offer I Can’t Refuse Eloise Laws
You Made Me Come To You Honey Cone
You Made Me Over Melvin Davis
You’ve Made Me So Very Happy Honey Cone
You Make It Easy Cassandra
You Took Me From A World Outside Holland Dozier
You Took Me From A World Outside Tyrone Davis
You’re The Only Bargain I’ve Got Freda Payne
You’re The Only Bargain I’ve Got Jones Girls
You’ve Been My Rock Warlock
You’ve Got That Extra Added Power In Your Love Chairmen (Featuring Prince Harold)
You’ve Got The Love To Make Me Over Just Brothers
You’ve Got To Crawl 8th Day
You’ve Got To Love Somebody Freda Payne
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