Musiquest offers experienced, personable, efficient and affordable music licensing and contract negotiation services for niche market labels such as Holland Dozier Holland’s Invictus Records and Hot Wax Records labels, whose catalogs consist of over 450 Pop/R&B/Soul classic master recordings, many of which were Billboard chart toppers.

We create deal memos, draft and/or request formal license agreements, and distribute all fully executed agreements and payments.

We give thoughtful consideration to your projects requirements and goals, and pitch only what we consider to be the choicest track(s).

We can also offer assistance in clearing the recording on the publishing side.

We have a long standing professional relationship with the people at the labels we work with; know their personalities and licensing policies, and have the expertise to obtain the best terms, conditions and fees, applicable to our client’s projects and budgets.

Our extensive knowledge of the masters in these catalogues means we are uniquely positioned to provide expert recommendations if so desired. We know the lyrical content, mood, character, instrumentation. tempo and timing of each track.

The people here at Musiquest know that communication is the foundation of great relationships, and that great relationships are what the music business is all about.

Our Mission
Whether you’re a film/TV music supervisor, a creative director at an ad agency, or a hip-hop beatmaker, our aim is to provide you with premium, brilliantly suited tracks to help make your project a hit – while doing so in a most efficient, economical and hassle-free way.

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